Podiatrists - Medical Imaging Referrals


Podiatrists may request diagnostic scans for their patients, however only certain scans will be eligible for a limited Medicare Rebate.

Medical Imaging Referrals for Podiatrists

Diagnostic Scans

For referrals from Podiatrists only, the following specific diagnostic imaging examinations are eligible for a limited Medicare Rebate.

Digital X-Ray (Limited Medicare Rebate)

Ultrasound (Limited Medicare Rebate)


Podiatrists can refer patients for a MRI scan, (e.g Midfoot, Forefoot, Ankle or Hindfoot) however MRI DOES NOT attract a Medicare rebate for these patients at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

Interventional Radiology & Pain Management

Melbourne Radiology Clinic offers a range of Interventional Radiology procedures performed using ultrasound or CT imaging guidance.

A podiatrist can refer for an ultrasound guided injection, however this procedure would require the patient to pay the full private fee with no Medicare rebate available to be claimed.

For any injection it is recommended that patients obtain a GP referral in order to obtain a Medicare rebate for that procedure.

Ultrasound Guided Injections

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Guide to Radiology Fees

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