MuscleTech Network Workshop - Football Club Barcelona (FCB), October 2016


Melbourne Radiology Clinic's Dr George Koulouris recently attended and presented at the 8th MuscleTech Network Workshop, held in Barça, Barcelona during October 3-4 2016 as a member of the Invited faculty.

MuscleTech Network Workshop - Auditorium1899 at Camp Nou Stadium of Football Club Barcelona

The eighth edition of MuscleTech Network Workshop, co-organized by Leitat Technological Center, Aspetar, FCBarcelona Medical Services and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence was held on October 3-4 2016 in the Auditorium1899 at Camp Nou Stadium of Football Club Barcelona.

This year the workshop: “Quadriceps Muscle Injuries: From research to clinical practice” was attended by renowned researchers worldwide.

Dr George Koulouris was invited to present on the topic: "MR Imaging of the Quadriceps Muscle Complex (QMC)"

Dr George Koulouris - Invited presenter at the MuscleTech Network Workshop, Barcelona

MuscleTech Network Meeting Background - Barça:

This 2016, Aspetar, FC Barcelona and Leitat have been working to gather one of the most international specialists and scientific panel on Quadriceps Muscle Injuries for two days in the 8th Muscletech Network Workshop. Once again, this forum aims to be the communication and dissemination platform to discuss and to get the public interested in medical research results and their application to clinical practice for the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries. Speakers, Chairmen and attendees are sport medicine specialists. They analyze, explore and reveal, for two days, new ways to enhance cooperation between groups of hospital and university research.

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