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Jan 24th
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MRI Brain

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Since its introduction, MRI has become the imaging modality of choice for most body parts and the exquisite quality of images is best seen in the brain.

Note that scans of the brain may be performed in any plane, so “slices” can be made from any angle.  Arteries and veins are well visualised, as is the grey and white matter.  Even the very fine cranial nerves can be seen.  MRI is crucial in diagnosing conditions such as stroke, bleed (haemorrhage) and tumours.

A specific benign tumour, known as an acoustic (vestibular) neuroma often presents with hearing loss and can be confidently diagnosed with a quick dedicated scan of the relevant region.


Since 1 November 2013, GPs are able to request four new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Medicare services for patients 16 years of age and over.

This includes 

  • Scan of head for unexplained seizures and unexplained chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology.

This enables GPs to refer adult patients (16 years and over) for an MRI examination of the head to Melbourne Radiology Clinic based on the clinical indication shown above.


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