New Wide Bore MRI Scanner


Melbourne Radiology Clinic's MRI scanner is the latest Siemens Espree unit which has a wide bore scanner that is 16% wider than conventional MRI units, which suits claustrophobic and large patients.  At least 60% of examinations may be performed with the patients's head outside of magnet with 97% patient overall acceptance. Even non-claustrophobic patients benefit from this technological advancement, as many people still experience some mild anxiety when scanned in a conventional smaller bore MRI unit.

With recent emphasis on using non-ionising radiation examinations, MRI is increasingly utilised in the field of paediatric radiology. The wide bore MRI scanner used at Melbourne Radiology Clinic has resulted in greater compliance, with children less anxious and remaining still during their scans.

A wide bore MRI allows patients to be scanned comfortably and to lie still for the course of the examination.  It is paramount that patient's lie still during a scan, as movement results in blurring of the images, similar to blurred photographs of a fast moving object.

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Video: Having a MRI Scan at Melbourne Radiology Clinic

What to expect when having a MRI Scan at Melbourne Radiology Clinic - Patient Information Video from Melbourne Radiology Clinic on Vimeo.

This Patient Video explains the process of having a MRI scan in a Wide Bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

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