CT Scan of the Kidney.

A computed tomography scan (CT scan) is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging test that simultaneously utilises X-rays and computer technology to generate “slices” or cross-sectional images of any part of the body, including internal organs such as the kidneys and related “renal tract” structures.

Unlike standard X-rays, CT scans provide more detailed information and greater clarity in their produced diagnostic images, assisting your healthcare provider in identifying diseases or injuries of the kidneys and renal tract more accurately.

Why Do You Need a Kidney CT Scan?

When an X-ray or other physical examination is not conclusive, you may be referred for a kidney or renal CT scan to detect and evaluate certain conditions of the renal tract system.

CT scan of the kidneys and renal tract may therefore be performed to assess for conditions such as stones, obstruction, infection, inflammation, tumours and other masses, as well as cysts, and congenital abnormalities.

Ultra-Low Radiation Dose.

At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, our ultra low dose CT scanners offer peace of mind for patients with concerns about radiation exposure during the procedure. Using the latest generation of CT scan technology, we deliver a significantly lower dose of radiation in our CT scans without affecting the quality of the image.

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Further Information.

We welcome referring doctors to discuss the individual CT imaging needs of their patients with our radiologists.

Specialist Radiologists.

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MSK & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists

At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists: