Lumbar Spine CT Scan Procedure

If you have recently experienced an injury that affected your spine, your doctor may refer you for a lumbar spine CT scan procedure in order to assist in obtaining a diagnosis and treatment plan.

A CT (or computerised tomography) scan is taken by a rotating x-ray unit. It involves the patient lying on a flat bed that is passed through a scanner. As the patient’s body passes through, the scanner is able to take highly detailed images and these images are then stacked utilising a computer algorithm to create a three-dimensional image of the relevant body part scanned.

During the scan, you’ll be asked to lie still. You can breathe normally and due to the short bore nature of the scanner, the sensation of claustrophobia is typically minimised.

A typical CT scan lumbar spine procedure appointment should take approximately ten minutes of dedicated scanning time. Our radiologist doctors specialised in interpreting medical images for the purposes of providing a diagnosis, will then review the images and provide a formal written report to your doctor.

The Benefits of a CT Scan for Lumbar Spine

There are many benefits of CT scans, which include:

  • an accurate diagnosis
  • a fast and painless imaging procedure
  • potentially avoid the need for exploratory surgeries, and
  • Unlike x-rays, CT scans have the ability to image soft tissue, bone and blood vessels.

Preparing for Your Scan at Melbourne Radiology Clinic

In preparation for your CT scan lumbar spine procedure, be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing (avoiding jewellery). If you are to undergo an examination that requires X-ray dye (contrast), then you must also fast for four hours. Our staff will advise you of this necessity.

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Metal artefact reduction technology.

MRC’s low dose CT is able to scan patients that have an existing prosthesis or other post-operative metalware or on the opposite side without any significant loss of image quality for the symptomatic side that is intended on being replaced.

Further Information.

Referring doctors are  welcome to discuss with our radiologists the imaging needs of their patients and whether a CT-Scan is suitable for their patient’s medical condition.

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Specialist Radiologists.
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MSK & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists
At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists: