Melbourne Radiology Clinic offers the latest in digital imaging technology

Diagnostic Imaging.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic offers the latest in digital and diagnostic imaging technology including:

Melbourne Radiology Clinic specialises in all facets of radiology with a particular interest in musculoskeletal (orthopaedic, sports medicine and rheumatological), neurosurgical and urological imaging. Read More

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Diagnostic Imaging
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Healthcare Imaging Services Melbourne

Melbourne Radiology Clinic is the only medical imaging specialist, independent radiology service in inner Melbourne. Ideally located in East Melbourne and led by Dr. George Koulouris, we can provide referring physicians with an extensive range of diagnostic imaging services.

Focusing on developing a long-term relationship with our referring clinicians, we offer well-trained and knowledgeable staff who ensure that our patients are comfortable, treated with respect and dignity, and seen promptly.

Since our inception in 2009 we have become recognised as a centre of excellence in patient care, imaging, reporting and research – keeping abreast of developments in technology and science to ensure that we are able to offer the very best healthcare imaging services to our patients.

What are Healthcare Imaging Services?

If you are looking for healthcare imaging services in Melbourne, we provide the following imaging modalities:

  • Digital X-ray

The introduction of digital technology has meant that not only do X-rays use less radiation, however the images are available immediately and of improve quality.

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

This sophisticated technology has revolutionised modern radiology. Considered to be the best type of scan for many issues, it uses a strong magnet utilised to visualise most parts of the body, particularly the soft tissues.

  • CT (Computed Tomography)

CT essentially involves a rotating X-ray unit that results in an X-ray beam revolving around the patient to create a cross-sectional image called a slice. Multiple slices are then stacked together using sophisticated software to create 3D rendered images of any body part.

  • Ultrasound

Using soundwaves/echoes to create an image, this modality is suitable for the investigation of soft tissue body parts. Experienced sonographers can produce detailed images in real time and can assess and visualise arteries and veins in limbs using a doppler.

  • Interventional Radiology

This subspecialist field of radiology consists of minimally invasive procedures that usually involve a fine needle that is guided by safely and accurately by either an Ultrasound or CT guidance. Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA), biopsies and pain management injections are performed in this manner.

Your referring physician will inform you which specific modality/healthcare imaging services you need to schedule yourself in for.

Need Healthcare Imaging Services in Melbourne? Contact Us Today

If you require any radiological examination and/or procedure including MRI for shoulder injury, MRI for knee injury, CT scan for knee pain & other diagnostic radiological services then contact the team at Melbourne Radiology Clinic. We accept referrals from all over Melbourne – any written referral can be used, even if it is for another radiology provider. To book, call our reception staff on (03) 9667 1667. Alternatively, email to, including your referral, if you have been provided with this, or you can use our online booking form to get in contact and we can call you back to book you an appointment.

Call us today to book your healthcare imaging services.

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Specialist Radiologists.
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MSK & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists
At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists: