Ultrasound Shoulder Bursitis Injection

Anyone who has suffered with stiff joints or aches and pains in the neck and/or shoulder will know how debilitating life can be. Fortunately, with modern medical imaging techniques and pain management injections, the source of the problem can be identified and treated.

An ultrasound-guided bursitis injection for shoulder pain and stiffness is just one area that we specialise in here at Melbourne Radiology Centre. Our experience shows that this method of treating shoulders pain to be highly effective and long-lasting, enabling patients to undergo rehabilitation with relatively less pain and therefore giving every opportunity for success.

The injection process is quick, simple and typically causes no more than minimal discomfort. An ultrasound scanner is used to enable the healthcare professional delivering the injection to visualise the soft tissue structures of the shoulder, such as the tendons, bursa and muscle bellies. Once correctly identified, the ultrasound machine produces an image in real-time that will enable our radiologist to guide the needle directly to the source of the patient’s pain, delivering cortisone to the region of subacromial bursitis, while causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Ultrasound guided injection into the Achilles tendon

Musculoskeletal conditions treated on a daily basis at Melbourne Radiology include:

Benefits of an Ultrasound Guided Bursitis Injection

If you’re looking for a proven way to achieve effective and lasting results, an ultrasound guided shoulder injection for bursitis is one option that’s worth considering. Benefits include;


  • The ultrasound causes no pain whatsoever, and the injection is delivered by highly trained and experienced experts. This minimises any discomfort and guarantees the very highest levels of safety and the best possible results.
  • The procedure is quick and does not require any preparation.
  • Unlike other types of imaging, this procedure does not use radiation so it has none of the associated risks.
  • Cortisone injections for bursitis is a very powerful anti-inflammatory medication, the results of which can last several weeks.

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