Diagnostic Imaging.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic offers the latest in diagnostic medical imaging technology.

Radiology Olympic Park, Melbourne

Melbourne Radiology Clinic is your local radiology specialist clinic near Olympic Park. Established in 2009, the clinic is led by highly renowned radiologist Dr. George Koulouris. Dr. Koulouris has undertaken many years training in Australia and the United States, has contributed several medical articles and textbooks and been invited to speak at medical conferences across Australia and worldwide.

Joining Dr. Koulouris as principal radiologist at the clinic is Dr. Tim Dickson, who has a strong background in orthopaedics. He has worked clinical experience as an orthopaedic registrar prior to pursuing a career in musculoskeletal radiology.

Our Radiology Services

Our prime location in the centre of East Melbourne means our clinic is conveniently located for residents that live near Olympic Park.

The wide-ranging expertise of our team, coupled with our use of best in class technologies and innovative techniques, enables us to provide residents of Olympic Park and East Melbourne region with a wide array of radiology services. These include:

High Quality Diagnostic Imaging

Our diagnostic imaging services enables to non invasively assess for musculoskeletal disorders. We offer digital x-rays to examine and assess the presence of bone injuries with MRI scans available to examine for soft tissue pathology.

Ultrasounds and CT scans are also available for effective examinations of injuries and conditions

Interventional Radiology

Our team is especially skilled in the practice of interventional radiology techniques. Such minimally invasive procedures can prove effective in the treatment of muscular, joint and bone injuries.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic is proud to offer a wide range of Interventional Radiology procedures including ct guided nerve root injection, injection for elbow, hip or wrist pain, cortisone injection in foot, spinal pain injections, FNA injections, biopsies, direct tendon injections, musculoskeletal injections and radiofrequency ablation.

Sports Imaging

Following clinical assessment, many athletes may require diagnostic imaging assessment to confirm a suspected injury. This may include an x-Ray to exclude a fracture, MRI scan to diagnose a meniscal or cartilage tear, or ultrasound to assess a muscle injury, such as a hamstring strain.

Need A Radiology in Olympic Park? Book Your Appointment At Melbourne Radiology Clinic

Arranging an appointment for any of our radiology services is easy – you can book an appointment at Melbourne Radiology Clinic by calling us at the clinic or email to info@melbourneradiology.com.au, including your referral, if you have been provided with this.

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Interventional Radiology.

Interventional Radiology is the subspeciality field of radiology that involves minimally invasive procedures. Melbourne Radiology offers Ultrasound and CT Imaging Guided Intervention