Paediatric MRI – Medicare Rebate Items for GPs

MRI Scans Bulk-Billed

GP Referred MRI Items for Children for Specified Clinical Conditions.
At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, the following paediatric^ MRI services referred by a GP are bulk-billed as per the below schedule:

(^children under 16 years of age)

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Paediatric MRI.

GP Referred MRI Items for
Paediatric Patients for Specified Conditions.

brain MRI top view
MRI Head / Brain

Clinical Indications

  • unexplained seizure(s) and;
  • unexplained headache where significant pathology is suspected
  • paranasal sinus pathology which has not responded to conservative therapy
paediatric MRI of a spine
MRI Spine - Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar & Sacral*

Clinical Indications

  • significant trauma
  • unexplained neck or back pain with associated neurological signs
  • unexplained back pain where significant pathology is suspected

[*a previous radiographic examination must have been performed]

MRI of a child's kneecap
MRI Knee

Clinical Indications

  • suspected internal joint derangement

[NOTE: Changes to this Medicare Item current as of 1 November 2018
– a previous radiographic examination is NO LONGER REQUIRED)]

MRI scan of a hip subluxation

Clinical Indications

  • suspected septic arthritis
  • suspected slipped capital femoral epiphysis
  • suspected Perthe’s disease

[*a previous radiographic examination must have been performed]

MRI of a 15 years old's elbow
MRI Elbow

Clinical Indications

  • fracture or avulsion injury is suspected

[*a previous radiographic examination must have been performed]

paediatric MRI of a wrist
MRI Wrist

Clinical Indications

  • scaphoid fracture is suspected

[*a previous radiographic examination must have been performed]

Medicare Rebate.
A Medicare rebate for these Paediatric MRI scans is ONLY CLAIMABLE if one of the clinical indications shown as above is specified in the ‘Clinical Details’ section of the radiology request referral form.

Paediatric Patients not meeting the criteria outlined above are unable to have their MRI expenses claimed from Medicare or any private health fund, so patients or their parents are liable for the entire expense of the MRI examination.

One of the key initiatives of the Diagnostic Imaging Reform Package is to expand patient access to MRI services across Australia. This includes extending MRI requesting rights to GPs in order to avoid exposure of children to unnecessary radiation  associated with other types of diagnostic imaging such as CT or X-ray, in situations where it is clinically indicated.

Patient Care & Comfort

Wide Bore MRI.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic's Wide-Bore MRI provides a comfortable spacious environment for patient scans while producing clear images.

Our experienced staff will ensure that the MRI scan is as comfortable as possible. Young patients can bring in a DVD of their choice to be viewed during the scan or watch live TV with noise cancelling headphones. Parents or carers may also accompany their child into the MRI room and sit next to them for the duration of the scan.

Paediatric MRI - Patient Guide
Related MRI MBS Items.
GPs are able to request four Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Medicare services for patients 16 years of age and over.^
ADULT MRI - GP Referred MBS Items
GP Referred ADULT MRI services bulk billed at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.
  • Scan of head for unexplained seizures and unexplained chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology
  • Scan of spine for cervical radiculopathy
  • Scan of spine for cervical spine trauma
  • Scan of knee^ following acute trauma for patients with inability to extend the knee suggesting the possibility of acute meniscal tear or clinical finding suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear.
    (^Adult patients aged 16 to 49 years only)