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MSK & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists.

At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists:
Dr George Koulouris | Dr Tim Dickson

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What is a Radiologist?

A radiologist is a medical specialist who uses medical imaging technology and equipment to diagnose and treat diseases.
Originally, the medical specialty only dealt with X-rays; however, with the tremendous technological advances of the twentieth century, numerous ways to visualise the human body and diagnose disease is now possible.

Radiologists in Australia must first become a doctor by completing six years of medicine at an accredited university and gain the degree of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery).  Following this, a doctor wishing to become a radiologist must work in the public hospital for a minimum of two years before being eligible to apply for a radiology training position.  Eligibility is decided by an interview(s), references and competence.

Once accepted, the radiology training programme takes five years to complete. During this time, a radiology trainee is known as a radiology registrar, works full time and is often required to be on-call. All study is performed out of hours. In their first year, registrars must pass an examination in medical physics and anatomy. Once successful, registrars continue their basic radiology training, familiarising themselves with common imaging modalities (types of tests/scans) such as plain X-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT (Computed Tomography), nuclear medicine, paediatric radiology, gynaecological and obstetric radiology, angiography, interventional radiology as well as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). In their fourth year, candidates are then eligible to sit a final examination. Success in this examination allows candidates to become Fellows of the College of Radiologists once five years have been completed. Candidates are then entitled to the postscript FRANZCR – Fellow of the Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Radiologists and may work unsupervised in private practice and/or the public hospital system.

Radiologists may then choose to undergo a further dedicated year or two in a particular subspecialty field of radiology, such as, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, body imaging, interventional radiology, paediatric radiology and nuclear medicine, to name a few. Read More

Meet Our Radiologists

Radiology Doctors Melbourne

Radiology is the medical science and specialty involved in medical imaging of the body. Various types of equipment can be used to image different body parts, which are known as modalities. X-Ray, ultrasound, CT scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment can be used by a radiology doctor as part of the assessment of patients in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and therefore determine what treatment is appropriate.

Radiology is a cost effective specialty that positively affects patient outcomes and is therefore plays a central role in the management of patients.

Dr George Koulouris Specialist Radiologist - Expertise in Interventional Radiology & Pain Management
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The Benefits of Radiology

One of the most important benefits of using radiology as a means of diagnosing health conditions is the ability to provide early detection of injuries and diseases, which is crucial factor in improving the patient’s quality of life, as well as reducing mortality rates. As these tests are predominantly non invasive and typically painless, the benefit of a radiological examination is enormous and typically outweighs the risks (if any).

Radiology Treatment at Melbourne Radiology Clinic

If you require radiology doctor in Melbourne, or any diagnostic radiological services such as MRI imaging services, bulk-billing X-ray scans, obstetric ultrasound scans then contact the team at Melbourne Radiology Clinic. Our team of highly experienced doctors and medical experts are here to help with everything from initial diagnostics to on-going treatment. We accept referrals from all over Melbourne – any written referral can be used, even if it is for another radiology provider. To book, call our reception staff on (03) 9667 1667. Alternatively, email to info@melbourneradiology.com.au, including your referral, if you have been provided with this, or you can use our online booking form to get in contact and we can call you back to book you an appointment.

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Specialist Radiologists.

Musculoskeletal & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists.
At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists.
Dr George Koulouris - Our Radiologists - Melbourne Radiology Clinic
Clinic Director
General & Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Dr George Koulouris

Dr George Koulouris is a fellowship trained MRI and musculoskeletal radiologist. He is the Clinic Director of Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

George has practiced radiology in both Melbourne and the United States. Whilst in Philadelphia, Dr Koulouris developed further specialisation in musculoskeletal imaging, working with major sporting associations.

He is a notable researcher, having more than 30 publications to his name, including articles in peer reviewed journals and text book chapters. George has served as the President of the Australasian Musculoskeletal Imaging Group (AMSIG) and continues to be involved in both local and international musculoskeletal societies.

In 2018, George received a grant to travel to and participate in the Radiology Across Borders (RAB) / AMSIG Inaugural Outreach Programme, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Dr. Tim Dickson - Our Radiologists - Melbourne Radiology Clinic
General & Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Dr Tim Dickson

Dr Tim Dickson is a fellowship trained MRI and musculoskeletal consultant radiologist at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

Tim completed his radiology training at The Alfred Hospital in 2015 during which time he completed a 6-month subspecialty rotation at Melbourne Radiology Clinic. In addition, Tim undertook a 12-month fellowship in Musculoskeletal Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

Tim has a strong background in orthopaedics, having previously spent four years as an orthopaedic registrar and has a particular interest in musculoskeletal imaging, sports medicine and radiological assisted non-operative treatment methods/minimally invasive therapies. Tim currently holds a position as a visiting medical officer at the Alfred Hospital in MR imaging.

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Expertise in
Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Radiology.