Expectations surrounding a paediatric MRI scan can cause anxiety and nervousness in parents, carers, and children alike. We are here to ease your concerns and shed light on the process.

a little boy sitting inside a wide bore MRI machine

What you need to know before a paediatric MRI scan

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uses a high-powered magnet and radio waves to capture detailed images of the body. No radiation is involved.

Before you attend the MRI scan, you may like to discuss the following to better prepare your child for the procedure:

  • The MRI scan will not hurt, though some discomfort may occur as your child will need to lie still for an extended period.
  • The scan will take between 20 and 30 minutes from start to finish.
  • Your child will need to wear a provided examination gown.
  • Your child will be required to remove all metal before the scan.

What happens during the MRI scan?

During the MRI scan, your child will enter the scan room before lying on a comfortable examination table, being fitted with noise-cancelling headphones, and entering the scanner's enclosed space. Your child can choose to listen to music during the scan or even watch their favourite movie or TV show.

Once the scan is underway, all your child needs to do is relax and stay as still as possible. You can rest easy knowing you can speak with the scan technician throughout the entire process.

Magnetom Espree wide bore MRI machine
young girl standing infront of an MRI machine

Making the scan more comfortable

As a parent, you want to support your child throughout the MRI scan as best as you can. Here are a few tips to make your experience easy and stress-free:
  • Bring a toy, blanket, or another comfort item familiar to your child.
  • Understand your role as a parent, which is to reassure your child and promote a sense of calm.
  • Follow the technician’s instructions, as these will keep you and your family safe.

Still have questions?

Contact us today for more information about children’s MRI scans. We are here to help.