Detailed medical imaging of the hip.

A Computed Tomography (CT) scan can produce highly detailed cross-sectional images of the internal structures of the hip to diagnose a range of hip-related conditions.

Effective diagnosis using CT scan of hip.

CT scans can capture more detailed imagery of the hips and the surrounding muscles, soft tissue and blood vessels than for example, a regular X-ray to help your doctor form a more accurate diagnosis.

A hip CT scan is an effective way to diagnose a range of hip conditions such as fractures, femoroacetabular impingement, bone tumours, calcified intra-articular bodies, arthritis as well as arthritis.

While Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is often the preferred diagnostic imaging method for various hip conditions, ultra-low dose CT scan is an excellent alternative imaging method, particularly for patients with an existing metal or other prosthesis who may be not suitable to undergo an MRI scan.

CT guided hip injections.

Cortisone hip injections can provide dramatic rapid relief from hip pain by reducing joint inflammation caused by femoroacetabular impingement, arthritis and/or labral tears.

The CT scan of hip can be used to ensure the injection is correctly positioned and precisely administered to the correct site in the hip joint, avoiding the femoral nerve and vessels.

MRI scan of a hip subluxation

Ultra-low dose medical imaging technology.

Our latest generation CT multi-slice scanner can produce high quality imagery of the hip joint in a single rotation, significantly reducing any exposure to radiation.

Able to capture highly detailed cross-sectional images, our hip CT scan allows your doctor to form a reliable clinical diagnosis while utilising an ultra-low radiation dose which is comparable to (if not lower than) a conventional digital X-ray.

Further Information.

We welcome referring doctors to discuss the individual CT imaging needs of their patients with our radiologists.

Specialist Radiologists.

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MSK & MRI Fellowship Trained Radiologists

At Melbourne Radiology Clinic, all patient scans are reviewed by fellowship trained musculoskeletal and MRI specialist radiologists: