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Diagnostic Imaging

Wide Bore MRI | X-ray | Ultrasound | Low Dose Multi-Slice CT

Interventional Radiology

Minimally invasive ultrasound & CT image guided intervention


Patient imaging studies are all reviewed by our fellowship trained MSK and MRI specialist radiologists

The constant presence of our practice radiologists, Dr George Koulouris allows for an unprecedented level of continuity of care for patients and the ability to form long-term relationships with our referring clinicians, tailoring imaging studies to their preference.

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Clinical &
Practice Services.


Automatic download of reports into referrer’s practice software via Healthlink

Reports issued same day

Urgent results phoned through or provided within an hour of scan time


Electronic access to images. Inteleviewer for PC and MAC platforms: InteleConnect iOS app for iPad and iPhone

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Melbourne Radiology Clinic can tailor imaging requirements for the unique needs of each referrer.

& Availability.

Priority & Appointment Flexibility

Urgent cases and country patients will be accommodated as possible

Saturday Morning Appointments

Available by appointment only – diagnostic scans including MRI, CT and X-ray


Medicare Rebates
& Bulk-billing.

GP Referred Medicare Eligible MRI Scans Bulk-Billed

Paediatric and Adult MRI Scans bulk-billed* when GP referred for approved specific clinical indications.

GP Referred MRI Scans
Eligible Patients

Pensioners, full-time tertiary students and all Health Care card holders bulk-billed for Medicare eligible services.

Billing Policy
Our latest generation
ultra-low dose CT scanner

In 2019, Melbourne Radiology Clinic introduced the latest generation ultra-low dose CT scanner that delivers a significantly lower dose whilst at the same time maintaining image quality. This has particular applications in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic imaging, as the dose received in imaging small peripheral joints is comparable, if not lower, than digital X-ray. Imaging of prosthetic joints and other metallic surgical hardware is markedly improved, as well as significant reductions in dose during interventional procedures.

Dr George Koulouris

Clinic Director